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HCAF has published a series of papers detailing why the Reference Cost Index is a poor measure of hospital efficiency (see 'Measures of Hospital Efficiency' below). Refer to the HRG folder for additional detail regarding the limitations of the HRG tariff.




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British Journal of Healthcare Management (BJHCM)


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The expression of hospital efficiency is multi-factorial. Often the benchmarks for assessing efficiency are flawed. This page gives a few examples of how efficiency measures can have hidden flaws and gives alternate ways to measure efficiency or process blockages.


In particular, the behaviour of the average length of stay over time is poorly understood throughout the health service. HCAF can offer the benefit of the most up to date national and international research in this important area.


Refer to the 'Hospital Beds' folder for details regarding efficient bed management and allocation and to the 'Capacity Management' folder for ways to allocate resources to match arriving demand. The 'HRG/PbR/PBC' folder contains additional material regarding the limitations of the HRG tariff.


The published version of all BJHCM articles can be obtained from Those working in the NHS can use their Athens login.